To order your gift voucher over the phone...

1.Simply give us a call or email with the recipients name and car details and the occasion.

2.Make your payment via credit or debit card.

3.We will then email to you a receipt and the gift voucher for you to give to the recipient.

4.The recipient then has to make a booking and present gift voucher.

It's that easy....

ORDER YOURS TODAY ON 0437 591 902 or admin@absolutewindowtinting.net


* All vouchers are non refundable, non transferable and not redeemable for cash.

* All vouchers are for the tint service stated on the voucher, any additional service will incur extra charges.

* All vouchers are for the vehicle stated on the voucher.

* All vouchers must have management authorisation signature.

* All vouchers must be presented before commencment of any work.

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